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An accomplished composer, conductor and lecturer, Eric Whitacre has quickly become one of the most popular and performed composers of his generation. The Los Angeles Times has praised his compositions as "works of unearthly beauty and imagination, [with] electric, chilling harmonies," while the Philadelphia Inquirer has called him "the hottest thing in choral music."

Mr. Whitacre lives in Los Angeles with his wife, celebrated soprano Hila Plitmann and their son.




Eric Whitacre: Choral Music

Track Listings
1. Her Sacred Spirit Soars
2. A Boy and a Girl
3. Water Night
4. This Marriage
5. Lux aurumque (Light of Gold)
6. little tree
7. When David Heard
8. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine
9. i thank you God for most ...
10. Sleep
11. Little Birds


Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst and other choral works
1. i thank You God for most this amazing day (1999, TEXT: e.e. cummings)
2. I hide myself (1991, TEXT: Emily Dickinson)
3. Sleep (2000, TEXT: Charles Anthony Silvestri)
4. Go, lovely Rose (1991, TEXT: Edmund Waller)
5. When David Heard (1999, TEXT: II Samuel 18:33)
6. hope, faith, life, love (1999, TEXT: e.e. cummings)
7. Cloudburst (1993, TEXT: Octavio Paz)
8. With a lily in your hand (1991, TEXT: Federico Garcia Lorca
9. This Marriage (2004, TEXT: Jalal al-Din Rumi)
10. Water Night (1995, TEXT: Octavio Paz)
11. A Boy and a Girl (2002, TEXT: Octavio Paz)
12. Her sacred spirit soars (2002, TEXT: Charles Anthony Silvestri)
13. Lux aurumque (2000, TEXT: Edward Esch/Charles Anthony Silvestri)



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