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Eotvos: Love and Other Demons, 2 CDs,

Recording, on two compact discs, of Glyndebourne's Love and Other Demons with Nathan Gunn

U.S. release date: October 29, 2013

Eotvos: Love and Other Demons, 2 CDs,

U.K. release date: September 30, 2013

Eotvos: Love And Other Demons, 2 CDs,


Also on MP3:

I have just noticed that as of August 13, 2013, iTunes in the U.S. has for sale a recording from Glyndebourne of Love and Other Demons by Eötvös with Nathan Gunn, Felicity Palmer, et al., the Glyndebourne Chorus, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Jurowski.

Eötvös: Love and Other Demons - Nathan Gunn, Felicity Palmer, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Jurowski, Jean Rigby, Glyndebourne Chorus, Mats Almgren & Allison Bell, iTunes



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