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Enaid--Songs of the Soul

Enaid--Songs of the Soul

Paul Carey Jones (Baritone)
Llyr Williams (Piano)

Release date: 19 November 2007

ENAID - Songs of the Soul

1. Der Schiffer (Music - Schubert / Words - Mayrhofer)
2. Sant Gofan (Lloyd/Hudson-Williams)
3. Ozymandias (Burtch/Shelley)
4. Is My Team Ploughing? (Gurney/Housman)
5. Myself When Young (Lehmann/Fitzgerald)
6. Auf dem Kirchhofe (Brahms/von Lilienkron)
7. The Frostbound Wood (Warlock/Blunt)
8. Y Mor Enaid (Williams/Cynan)
9. Great Things (Ireland/Hardy)
10. The Clock of the Years (Finzi/Hardy)
11. When Satan Fell (Burtch/Lawrence)
12. Pax Vobiscum (Schubert/von Schober)
13. Joy, Shipmate, Joy! (Vaughan Williams/Whitman)
14. Y Llyn (Williams/Pritchard)
15. Y Bardd (Thomas/Parry)
16. Bright is the Ring of Words (Vaughan Williams/Stevenson)
17. Proud Songsters (Finzi/Hardy)

Review from the May 2008 edition of International Record Review