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A Path to Sobriety, The Inside Passage: A Common Sense Book on Understanding Alcoholism and Addiction (Paperback) by Dennis Siluk

The Betty Ford Center Book of Answers, paperback, by James W. West

Product Description


When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, it's hard to know where to turn for help. The professionals at the Betty Ford Center--one of the world's leading and most trusted sources of treatment for addiction--hove provided thousands with the strength, support, and expertise that substance abusers need to get well. Now, the former medical director of the Betty Ford Center shares that expertise in this remarkably honest and complete book, which answers vital questions that surround this difficult subject:

* "My son seems to be following in his alcoholic father's footsteps. How can I help him?"
* "My wife's the alcoholic, why do I need treatment?"
* "Can the brain recover from cocaine abuse?"
* "Even a double dose of my prescription tranquilizers doesn't seem to help. Am I addicted?"
* "If I get sober, what are my chances of staying sober?"
* "l am uncomfortable with the spiritual aspect of AA. Is there on alternative?"
* "Is it true that people who are forced into treatment get nothing out of it?"

Whether you are ten years sober, a current or potential substance abuser, or you care about someone who is, this volume will help you better understand--and fight--the destructive powers of addiction.