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Addict In The Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery by Beverly Conyers

Product description:

In a well-written, powerful narrative, Conyers shows family members at their worst before showing how they found hope and recovery. Always engaging and healing, each heart-wrenching story is true to the experience of anyone who has admitted to a spiritual powerlessness and inability to cure their own family's addiction. Conyers skillfully, compassionately, and intelligently distills key recovery points that offer invaluable lessons on loving, detachment, intervention, self-care, self-help groups, community support, addiction and recovery, neurobiology, and family dynamics.

For someone who has an addicted family member or loved one and seeks to better understand addiction in families, this is the book to read. Through compelling testimonials, along with the latest research and information on addiction and recovery, Conyers combines a personal and compassionate voice with one of authority. Conyers takes a step even further revealing her own daughter's addiction and how she learned to lovingly detach herself and become more helpful.

For anyone who has ever worried about a parent, spouse, child, relative or friend's use of alcohol or drugs, this book will help. No doubt, they'll read their own story in these pages and find hope and recovery.

Appendices: Symptoms and Effects of Major Addictive Substances (identifies major drugs and their effects on the brain and body, and symptoms and signs of use); Words of Wisdom; Resources; Recommended Reading.