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At Wit's End: What You Need to Know When a Loved One Is Diagnosed with Addiction and Mental Illness (Paperback)
by Jeff Jay and Jerry Boriskin


Kindle edition,



Product description:

A must-read for families seeking answers about a loved one's co-occurring disorder.

"My mother has become forgetful and seems especially sad lately. I know she takes too much pain medication. Where can I find help for her?" "My teenage son has hallucinations. I think he's depressed. He sees a psychiatrist and takes medication, but he doesn't seem to be getting better. What can I do?" "My wife is euphoric one day and suicidal the next. Her doctor told her to stop drinking while she's taking antidepressant medication, but she hasn't stopped. How do I intervene?" Families at wit's end about a loved one's co-occurring psychiatric and addictive problems will find vital information´┐Żand inspiration´┐Ż in this important guide. As the authors explain, when psychiatric and addictive disorders travel together, they cause confusion among family members and even misdiagnoses for patients. Here, families learn how psychiatric diagnoses mimic addictive disorders, why chemical use exacerbates psychiatric problems, what various treatment approaches offer, and when intervention is needed. Real-life stories throughout the book offer hope, illustrating that people do recover from co-occurring disorders and that families do heal.



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