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Anatomy of Anorexia (Paperback)
by Steven Levenkron

Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide to Recovery (Paperback) by Lindsey Hall and Monika Ostroff

The guidebook includes:

o Answers to questions most often asked about anorexia
o Insight from recovered and recovering anorexics
o Monika Ostroff's story of recovery
o Specific things to do that have worked for others
o Information on healthy eating and weight
o Suggestions for how to stay committed
o A special section for parents & loved ones

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Dying to Be Thin: Understanding and Defeating Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia--A Practical, Lifesaving Guide (Paperback)
by Ira M. Sacker and Marc A. Zimmer

"Dr. Sacker and Dr. Zimmer explain in full detail the causes and symptoms of these disorders and how and where to find help. Using case histories and first-person accounts by patients, their families, their physicians and friends, Dying To Be Thin is the complete resource for anyone concerned with these dangerous disorders."--product description at

Appetites: Why Women Want (paperback) by Caroline Knapp