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The Heart of Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching to Create a High-Performance Coaching Culture (3rd Edition) (Paperback)

by Thomas G. Crane

"More and more leaders and their organizations are becoming convinced in the business case for creating a 'coaching culture'. This book provides the tools for leaders and teams to develop a common language and shared protocol and a learning and development orientation towards people. These critical dynamics support the entire culture becoming a 'feedback-rich, high-performance' organization."--from product description at


Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills (Paperback)

by Tony Stoltzfus

"The single most important skill in coaching is asking powerful questions. In this volume, master coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus joins with 12 other professional coaches to present dozens of valuable asking tools, models and exercises, then illustrates these coaching strategies with over 1,000 examples of penetrating questions. Covering the gamut from basic techniques like options and actions to advanced concepts such as challenge and reframing, Coaching Questions is a book that will find a home on any coach's short list of handy references."--from product description at