The Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotic Women (Mammoth Book of) (Paperback)
by Maxim Jakubowski (Editor)

"This follow-up volume to the black-and-white Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography celebrates the female form through these studies by top photographers around the world, as well as some impressive new talents. It features the work of 78 photographers (many of whom specialize in nudes), with approximately 8 images each, as well as a short biography and picture of each contributor. Included is a larger than ever number of female photographers, many of whom intriguingly practice the art of self portraiture-a chance to see how gender can sometimes influence the subtle way of looking at the body. There's also a father and daughter team; a photographer who also appears as a model in two other portfolios; the grandson of the famed American photographer Edward Weston; a mix of professional and amateur photographers; and contributions from the UK, USA, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Russia, Argentina, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Holland[.]"--book description at