Lorraine Hunt Lieberson
sings Neruda Songs of Peter Lieberson (U.S. release date = December 19, 2006)

Peter Lieberson: Neruda Songs / Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, (Dieser Artikel wird am 15. Januar 2007 erscheinen.)

"In November 2005, seven months before she died at 52, the incomparable mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson sang the last work her husband, Peter Lieberson, had written for her, 'Neruda Songs,' with the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Boston. I was privileged to be there. This live recording of Mr. Liebersonís ruminative and piercing settings of five love sonnets by Neruda, sublimely performed, is for me the recording of the year."--Anthony Tomassini in the New York Times of December 8, 2006.


"Peter Lieberson set the Spanish poems brilliantly with music at once capacious and extremely intimate. The composer was trained in the austere 12-tone tradition, but in these songs he leaps for a kind of Straussian lushness spiked with more modern harmonies, making for a language that feels at once old and new. The deep breathing vocal lines were clearly conceived with his wife's voice ringing in his mind; under Levine the orchestra quivers and glows. Lieberson sings with inextinguishable radiance. This is music that makes you forget there is other music."--Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe, December 10, 2006


On David Patrick Stearns' list for the Philadephia Inquirer (December 10, 2006) of the year's ten best classical-music releases, the first is: 

Peter Lieberson: Neruda Songs. Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Boston Symphony Orchestra, James Levine conducting (Nonesuch). Composer Lieberson wrote these songs for his wife, Lorraine, who premiered and toured with them shortly before she died of cancer. Swan-song elements aside, it's a great convergence of music and performers. Vocal lines are so suited to her that navigational aspects of singing are irrelevant, freeing her to project the Pablo Neruda words with an artistry and identification that suggests she wrote them. Available Dec. 19.



The recording Lorraine Hunt Lieberson sings Peter Lieberson: Neruda Songs is scheduled for release at on December 19, 2006.