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Great Handel

1) Where E're You Walk (SEMELE)

2) Comfort Ye (JEPHTHA)

3) Ev'ry Valley (MESSIAH)

4) Fronde tenere - (recit)

5) Ombra mai fu (SERSE)

6) Cosi la tortorella OR Ecco il sol (LA RESURREZIONE)

7) Love Sounds the Alarm (ACIS & GALATEA)

8) Love in Her Eyes (ACIS & GALATEA)

9) Happy We (ACIS & GALETEA / duet with Kate Royal)

10) Scherza Infida (SAMSON)

11) Doppo notte (ARIODANTE)

12) Total Eclipse (SAMSON)

13) As Steals the Morn (L’ALLEGRO / duet with Kate Royal)

14) Hide though thy hated beams (recit)

15) A father offering up his only child (recit)

16) Waft her, angels, through the sky (JEPHTHA)

Scheduled for release in the U.K. on July 16, 2007, and in the U.S. on July 17, 2007.


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"In putting together a disc of Handel arias, I wanted to reflect as many as possible of these aspects of his life - favourite of a cardinal in Rome, the London opera composer, the founding master of the English oratorio - in the hope that the different styles will reflect back on each other. We've also done something very 18th-century in spirit in producing a compilation of arias without dramatic context. In Handel's own day, arias from the operas were reprinted in collections of songs or airs. I've also stolen a couple of favourite arias from the castrati (sung nowadays by mezzos or countertenors), which may be controversial to the authenticists, but reflects both the buccaneering, make-do spirit of 18th-century music, and is true to actual contemporary practices (tenors did sometimes sing soprano or mezzo arias, transposed down an octave)."--Ian Bostridge,, July 6, 2007


" . . . the pleasures of this disc outweigh the provisos . . .."--Richard Wigmore,


"Bostridge is, as always, supremely intelligent and sensitive. The long lines of Serse's Ombra Mai Fu, and Comfort Ye from Messiah, are finely spun out and shapely. The coloratura of Ariodante's Dopo Notte is meaningful as well as accurate. His chaste tone, however, precludes sensuality, so that the requisite raunch of a clutch of excerpts from Acis and Galatea fails to materialise. His voice is also on the light side for the tragic intensity of Samson's self-lacerating meditation on his own blindness."--Tim Ashley, The Guardian, August 10, 2007


"There are blips of all sorts, actually. But Handel is Handel, and the orchestra beautiful. And whatever else Bostridge might be from time to time, he is never dull."--Geoff Brown, The Times, July 13, 2007

"Wenn man Ian Bostridge Händel singen hört, ist schon klar, warum die Engländer diesen Komponisten so gern zu einem Insulaner umdeklarieren. In dieser Aufnahme mit dem vorzüglichen 'Age of Enlightenment' gibt sich der britische Tenor durch und durch distinguiert, elegant und gentlemanlike. Nicht alle Arien sind für seine Stimmlage komponiert, die schönsten Hits bekamen damals in aller Regel Sopranistinnen oder Countertenöre. Doch durch das Tieferlegen erkennt man ganz neue Facetten am Repertoire. Lovely, indeed.", 14 July 2007


Brief review, New York Sun, July 18, 2007


"Great Handel, a new EMI Classics disc of Handel arias sung by tenor Ian Bostridge, made its debut on the Billboard classical chart this week, arriving at no. 10.", 26 July 2007