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"Gramophone has learned of a deal between the BBC and EMI Classics to record and release Thomas Adès's [sic] opera The Tempest. . . .

The BBC are to record the ROH revival for broadcast and EMI will issue it, probably later this year. When the BBC televised the original run, tenor Ian Bostridge (who plays Caliban) was indisposed and an understudy sang his role. It will be Bostridge, though, alongside fellow original cast members Simon Keenlyside (Prospero) and Cynthia Sieden (Ariel) and newcomer Kate Royal (Miranda), who will feature on the EMI set." . . .

James Inverne, Gramophone, 20 March 2007


"But donít expect immediate gratification. The Tempest makes demanding listening--the score is often strident, edgy and noisy, especially in the tumultuous first act, and even with rebalanced microphones, the singers battle with the heavy orchestration. But patience yields great rewards, and the latter part of the opera is rich in sweetness and lyricism--notably a quintet of Straussian gorgeousness at the climax."--Rupert Christiansen,