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Performance (Concert)

Ian Bostridge (tenor); Julius Drake (piano)
Works by: Robert Schumann; Johannes Brahms
Tuesday 3rd July 2007 at 7.30pm


"At one point, the pale, anguished-looking man on stage leaned on the piano, gazed soulfully over our heads and sang a tremulous line from a romantic song about the flowers in the garden, who whisper sympathetically to him: 'You sad, pale man.'

"It was just too perfect: it's moments like this that make you realise why the tenor Ian Bostridge holds such fascination for his fans.

"He's the image of the pale and interesting poet, always tormented by unhappy feelings, always at odds with the world.

"At the same time, his slender figure has a matinée-idol elegance, and suggests that the powerful feelings that possess him are reassuringly bodiless."--Ivan Hewett,