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Franz Schubert - Winterreise,  & Over the Top with Franz
Product Description
Winterreise: A unique dramatisation of Schubert s terrifying and deeply-moving portrayal of human desolation. Studio sets, actors, costumes and props lend the song cycle a new close-up dynamism, extend its interpretative possibilities and uncover fresh allusion and meaning.

Performed by Ian Bostridge, tenor; Julius Drake, pianist;
Designer Ian MacNeil
Executive Producer Peter West
Producer Gordon Baskerville
Director David Alden

Over The Top With Franz illuminates the difficulties of bringing Winterreise to the screen. Focusing on the developing relationships of the artists, from first rehearsal to final day of filming, this is a rare and humorous insight into the collaborative process.

Extracts staged by David Alden
Producer Gordon Baskerville
Director Peter West

Song Cycle by Franz Schubert to Poems by Wilhelm Müller (1794-1827)
Chapter 1: Gute Nacht / Good Night
Chapter 2: Die Wetterfahne / The Weather Vane
Chapter 3: Gefrorne Tränen / Frozen Tears
Chapter 4: Erstarrung / Turned to Ice
Chapter 5: Der Lindenbaum / The Linden Tree
Chapter 6: Wasserflut / Flood
Chapter 7: Auf dem Flusse / On the River
Chapter 8: Rückblick / Looking Back
Chapter 9: Irrlicht / Will-o -the-Wisp
Chapter 10: Rast / Rest
Chapter 11: Frühlingstraum / Dream of Spring
Chapter 12: Einsamkeit / Loneliness
Chapter 13: Die Post / The Post
Chapter 14: Der greise Kopf / The Hoary Head
Chapter 15: Die Krähe / The Crow
Chapter 16: Letzte Hoffnung / Last Hope
Chapter 17: Im Dorfe / In the Village
Chapter 18: Der stürmische Morgen / The Stormy Morning
Chapter 19: Täuschung / Deception
Chapter 20: Der Wegweiser / The Signpost
Chapter 21: Das Wirtshaus / The Inn
Chapter 22: Mut! / Courage!
Chapter 23: Die Nebensonnen / The Mock Suns
Chapter 24: Der Leiermann / The Hurdy-gurdy Man


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Meeting David
Chapter 3: The Hospital
Chapter 4: Gothic Horror
Chapter 5: The Schubertiad
Chapter 6: The Set
Chapter 7: Props
Chapter 8: Ghost People
Chapter 9: The White Void
Chapter 10: Returning.