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November 8, 2010

Ian Bostridge is in Spain, "Chilling out with a glut of Mad Men."

September 20, 2010

Upcoming new CD release: Three Baroque Tenors, 26 October 2010, 18 October 2010



September 16, 2010

Ian Bostridge is posting messsages on Facebook.

Ian Bostridge's new book, A Singer's Scrapbook, is scheduled for release on May 5, 2011, says

Product Description

Ian Bostridge is one of the outstanding singers of our time, celebrated both for the quality of his voice and for the exceptional intelligence he brings to bear on the interpretation of the repertoire of the past and present alike. Yet his early career was that of a professional historian, and A Singer's Scrapbook takes a look at the multifaceted world of classical music through the eyes of someone whose career as a singer has followed a unique trajectory. Consisting of short essays and reviews written since 1997, some in diary form, it ranges widely over issues serious (music and transcendence) and not so serious (the singer's battles with phlegm), while inevitably discussing many of the composers with whom Bostridge has become identified, such as Britten, Henze, Janacek, Schubert, Weill and Wolf. Ultimately it returns to the theme of his earlier work on seventeenth century witchcraft -- what place can there be for the ineffable in a world defined by an iron cage of rationality? Including a foreword by the eminent sociologist, Richard Sennett, A Singer's Scrapbook is an intriguing glimpse into the mind and motivation of one of Britain's best loved musicians.


January 2010

Bostridge/Pappano, Town Hall, Birmingham, reviewed by Rian Evans,, 3 stars



2009 entries

December 2, 2009
The recording of Billy Budd with Nathan Gunn and Ian Bostridge has been nominated for a 2009 Grammy in the category Best Opera Recording., Release date: 15 June 2009, Release date: 16 June 2009, Release date: 19 June 2009

"Gramophone has learned of a deal between the BBC and EMI Classics to record and release Thomas Adès's [sic] opera The Tempest. . . .

The BBC are to record the ROH revival for broadcast and EMI will issue it, probably later this year. When the BBC televised the original run, tenor Ian Bostridge (who plays Caliban) was indisposed and an understudy sang his role. It will be Bostridge, though, alongside fellow original cast members Simon Keenlyside (Prospero) and Cynthia Sieden (Ariel) and newcomer Kate Royal (Miranda), who will feature on the EMI set." . . .

James Inverne, Gramophone, 20 March 2007

January 17, 2009

To the question "Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with?" writer and professor Edmund White replied, "[The English tenor] Ian Bostridge. He's the person I admire the most." Interview by Anna Metcalfe at