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Handel: Theodora

Previously available on video cassette and on DVD, a recording of Handel's Theodora at Glyndebourne is being released on CD in 2012.

Release April 30, 2012, in U.K.: CD,

Release May 29, 2012, in U.S.: CD,

Cast List
Dawn Upshaw ... Theodora
David Daniels ... Didymus
Frode Olsen ... Valens
Richard Croft ... Septimius
Lorraine Hunt ... Irene

"This is the magnificent aural record of one of the greatest productions seen at Glyndebourne in recent times, and my only reservation about it is that a DVD edition, filmed during the same run of performances in 1996 and showing Peter Sellars's imaginative staging, has also been available for some time: the sound on these CDs may be a little cleaner, but I can't see what other good reasons there are to choose a version which lacks a visual dimension. Yet what a wonderfully vivid experience the music alone offers!"--Rupert Christiansen,, 5 stars