Il Barbiere di Siviglia

The Barber of Seville


by Rossini








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Rossini: Il Barbiere Di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville) -- Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Juan Diego Flórez, Joyce DiDonato, Pietro Spagnoli, conducted by Antonio Pappano

About the DVD:

This DVD sees Joyce DiDonato perform her role in a wheelchair a story that has occupied international headlines. Joyce brought literal meaning to the old theatrical motto Break a leg. After she broke her fibula in an earlier show Joyce was determined to finish her commitment. The good-spirited diva was re-staged into the production to allow for the additional challenges that come when a leading lady in a lively physical role must wheel around the other performers.

Joyce posted the following on her blog post-performance: Well, without a doubt, last night was one of the most memorable, exciting nights in my life. I suppose that makes two in a row for me. I arrived at the theater around 4:30 and was introduced to my new co-star: a beautiful, sleek Moonlite Breezy Wheelchair.

The DVD bonus features include an interview with Joyce on her stage accident and subsequent wheelchair performances.


"Filmed in high-definition audio and video, this production should become a DVD reference for anyone who wants to see it sung and acted to perfection. But, as winsome as DiDonato is, the wheelchair is a distraction. This is a must-see once, but perhaps not more often."--John Terauds, Toronto Star